Scooterists Wanted!

The Rally With No NameThe time has come for all scooter riders to assemble together for the biggest and baddest scooter rally in Texas.  Inspired by and a continuation of the Man With No Name series, the Riff Raff and Austin Scooter Clubs announce:

The Rally With No Name
Fri., Sept. 27 – Sun., Sept. 29, 2013
Austin, Texas

This is the fifth rally in the series and every year the number of participants grows.  Last year, we had over 200 scooters attend – more than doubling the attendance from 2009’s rally, A Fistful of Scooters.

The Riff Raff and Austin Scooter Clubs are passionate about growing the scooter community.  No matter what type of scooter you ride, all scooters are welcome to attend this rally.  We want all scooters – everything from modern to vintage, automatic or manual, foreign or domestic, 2-wheels or 3… bring it!

If you’ve never been to one our rallies (or even if you have been), we can assure you that you’re going to have a blast!  The rally organizers are working hard to put together a fun-filled, weekend-long agenda… not to mention a sweet raffle bike.

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We look forward to scootin’ with you soon!

      – The Riff Raff and Austin Scooter Clubs